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Excerpts From Our Guest Book 2015

We have dreamed of such places. To be here was the dream turned reality and a bit better!
Victoria, British Columbia
Three days with enough fish action and relaxation to feel like a week! Compliments on all aspects of your operation.
Vancouver, British Columbia
The natural beauty and ambience is so beautiful. The hospitality was special as was the facility, great meals and service. Looking forward to a return visit.
Vernon, British Columbia
This is truly a heaven you have created along with nature. Loved every minute!
Benton City, Washington
Every year (three now) it gets better and better, bitinger and bitinger fish, funner and funner and deliciouser and deliciouser at meals. Can’t wait for number four!
Seattle, Washington
I loved the seclusion and beautiful setting. The fishing was amazing. You are perfectly suited to host guests. Your warm and friendly reception was very nice.
San Antonio, Texas
This is such a lovely place with fantastic fishing that we hate to be leaving.
Ferndale, Washington
We were amazed each day with your thoughtful “extras”. The food was beyond our expectations. You have created a great space to relax and rest our busy lives.
Bob & Kay
Our four days have exceeded all expectations!
Langley, Washington
You made it so easy to enjoy fishing, eating and sleeping!
Tucson, Arizona
If fishes are wished then I am blessed with many. What a fun time!
Huntsville, Utah
You have truly mastered the art of hospitality in every aspect. Your passion shines thru.
Chandler, Arizona
What an amazing stay! I could never imagine the scenery, the amenities and the kindness shown by all.
San Luis Obispo, California
Thanks again for the wonderful hospitality, great fishing, food and laughter. See you next year!
San Luis Obispo, California
Caverhill is a place of laughter, loon calls and flowers and a place to remember forever. A whole new world separate from where we came from.
San Luis Obispo, California
Been coming for 23 years at least once a year.
San Luis Obispo, California

Excerpts From Our Guest Book 2014

Has it really been ten years? Thank you for the continued good times!
Seattle, Washington
Quintessential B.C experience. Thanks so much for sharing.
Los Angeles, California
I had high hopes – far surpassed. Loved everything. A beautiful life time memory.
Another trip to paradise. Great hospitality, excellent cuisine and another opportunity to see B.C. at its best.
Richland, Washington
We are leaving with wonderful memories of leaping fish and fancy food!
Ferndale, Washington
Expectations were not as great as the real thing. The real thing was amazing!
Pineville, Oregon
It has been said that a home (lodge) is a window to the soul. Yours is obviously gentle, peaceful and filled with natural beauty.
Seattle, Washington
A first class experience! Nature, good company, lively chats, superb hospitality, incredible food and awesome fishing!!
Lethbridge, Alberta
A special thank you for being such amazing hosts.
Kelowna, British Columbia


Dear Larry and Marlene,

Just wanted to tell you what a grand time Carol and I had during our stay at Caverhill Lodge. The food was elegant, and fully as delicious as it looked. Our cabin was clean, cozy, and attractive. And the fishing was a ton of fun! Standing in front of the map on your lodge door every morning trying to decide which of the many beautiful lakes we’d hike to that day made our visit seem like a pioneering adventure.

I’m no fanatic about big fish (never have been) but I do like action, and even on the slowest days we caught quite a few fish. On the best days, we caught scads of handsome Kamloops rainbows—frankly, I can’t imagine how you could catch many more during the period of time we fished.

And we sure saw and fished a lot of lakes. One day we ran a boat up the main lake, hiked to a smaller lake, crossed it in another boat, hiked up to another lake, crossed it in yet another boat, hiked a little further to yet another lake on which we wound up spending the day—the fourth lake we’d launched a boat on that morning. All that and yet it didn’t take very long to get clear up there with such short hikes and relatively small lakes.

It’s great just hiking up to a lake with only tackle and lunch in hand to find rowboats waiting in the water, easily launched from small docks. The trout weren’t big, but they were big enough to be fun! And we caught enough twelve- and thirteen-inchers to keep us on our toes. (I know we could have caught bigger ones at some of the lakes, but we weren’t worried about size). Some of the fish we caught were surprisingly strong—thirteen-inchers running hard and tearing line off a screaming reel? Making three or four such wild runs? I’d have trouble believing it if it weren’t my own reel that was doing the screaming.

Anyway, please feel free to share this letter with perspective clients. If they want to spend some time in pretty little cabins on a beautiful lake, eat wonderful food, and explore a variety of lovely little lakes containing aggressive dry-fly-loving Kamloops trout, I’d suggest they come to Caverhill Lodge.


Skip Morris
Fly Fisher, Columnist, Speaker, Author

Carol Ann Morris
Photographer, Artist/Illustrator, Wife

Skip and Carol Ann Morris


I trust all is well with you and I wanted to thank you and your colleagues for the exceptional assistance in finalizing our arrangements to Caverhill Lodge.

The Caverhill Lodge is truly a Genuine Brand and can be recommended without hesitation. Marlene and Larry Loney and their associates are wonderful hosts. The experience was a rare delight with the fine cuisine, spectacular natural beauty and a personal style of hospitality and grace that is rarely found.

Caribou Helicopters provided on-time charter departures and arrivals from Kamloops and were very fair in their rates.

I hope to see you soon and all our best in the meantime.”


Duane E. Knapp

Duane E. Knapp, President of BRANDSTRATEGY. ING.

Dear Larry and Marlene,

I want to write to thank you both for a thoroughly enjoyable 5 day stay at Caverhill. Other than drive-through trips with stops at B.C.’s National Parks, this was the first time I experienced fishing in this part of Canada. And what fishing!!! Your Kamloops trout are fantastic.

My son, Jim, and I really enjoyed the peace and quiet, the beauty and serenity of the area, and the pristine lakes. We also appreciated the generous hospitality that you two show your guests, and especially the gourmet meals.

I hope you continue to maintain the quality experience you now offer your guests – it is one we’ll never forget.”

Sincerely, Your Friendly Alien,

Mike Koenigsberger

Mike Koenigsberger

Dear Marlene & Larry,

Can’t tell you how much we enjoyed our two night with you last week and that we are already talking about our time next July.

Everything you do at Caverhill is so well done, from the food, the decorating of the cabins & bath house, to your warm and friendly hospitality.

Many thanks again for making my first fishing trip a great one and sharing your part of “heaven” on earth with us.”


Nancy & Jim

Nancy and Jim

Dear Marlene and Larry,

Just a note to thank you for the wonderful week we spent at your Lodge this summer. We appreciated all the many things you did to make our stay so enjoyable. Our many pictures will remind us of the happy days on your lakes for years to come.”


Peter and Shirley

P.S.: The smoked trout were great!

Peter and Shirley

Dear Larry & Marlene,

I’d like to thank you again for your gracious hospitality. I really enjoyed my trip with my father to your lodge several weeks ago. It made it really hard to come back to work in Seattle!

It especially makes a great place to stay when the hosts are friendly and go out of their way, as you do, to take care of their guests. It not only makes you great hosts, but also great people.

As I snack on the smoked trout (in between the bones…), I’ll think of Caverhill and how relaxing it was to be there. And I’ll question what I’m doing sitting most of the day at a desk in downtown Seattle!

Thanks for the great meals also. I kept saying to myself “I haven’t been so stuffed, so consistently day after day, since I was 10 or 12 years old.” I was lucky my suits still fit when I came back.

Thanks for an excellent stay at a wonderful lodge.”


Chris Kelling

Chris Kelling