Fly Fishing Trip in British Columbia

Experience a fly fishing trip of a life time in British Columbia at Caverhill Fly Fishing Lodge. Over fifteen lakes are yours to fish and discover. Each lake offers a unique challenge for the angler and a beautiful vista for the explorer. The Caverhill area fishery is totally natural with no stocking programs or hatchery fish. The Kamloops rainbow trout , famous for its strength, stamina and aerial displays is the only type of fish found in these lakes.

The fifteen lakes are accessed by a well marked trail system. Hikes to the lakes range from five minutes to one hour. Only half an hour of gentle hiking provides access to Caverhill’s best fly fishing and a fly fishing trip to remember.

All fly fishing is done from boats provided on the lakes. You and your party are usually the only fisherman on any given lake. Each morning over breakfast we share tips on successful flies and amicably decide which lake you will fish for the day.

Wild Kamloops rainbow trout of any size will provide you with a fight to remember. Fish range in size from twelve to twenty two inches. The size of fish varies from lake to lake. Guests generally enjoy a day of consistent activity followed by a day of a few big ones. We encourage guests to keep only fish that are fifteen inches or smaller. Larger fish are released to enjoy catching again. There is very little fishing pressure on these lakes hence fish are almost always willing to play.

Fly fishermen should arrive with two rods: one rigged with a floating line and one rigged with an intermediate sinking line or sink tip.

Main food sources are:

  • shrimp
  • chironomids
  • mayflies
  • cinnamon caddis
  • damsel and dragon flies
  • leeches and brown and black ants

We have a few rods available that are suitable for trolling a wet fly if you are a novice to fly fishing.

Spinning fisherman should have light or ultra-light equipment with four to six pound test line. Lure Weight should be 3/8 of an ounce.

Favorite lures are:

  • Mepps Spinners- red, gold or silver,
  • Bollo- red, silver or orange,
  • Panther Martin, Black Fury with Yellow Spots,
  • Silver or gold spoons 3/4″ to 1″ length,
  • Flatfish-pink or silver,
  • Dick Nite spoons – Brass, pink or silver

We keep a small selection of flies but recommend the following.

Dry Flies Size 12-16, 2X-STD:

  • Tom thumb
  • Humpy
  • Grey Wulff
  • Adams

Wet Flies Size 8-10-12, 2x-3x:

  • Careys
  • Halfbacks
  • Fullbacks
  • Doc Spratley
  • Maribou Leech
  • Woolly Buggers
I’ll think of Caverhill and how relaxing it was to be there. And I’ll question what I’m doing sitting most of the day at a desk in downtown Seattle!
Chris Kelling
You can catch fish on a either a spinning lure or a dry or wet fly. Don’t worry, you’ll catch fish on anything you use.
Caverhill continues to be consistently excellent.