Fly Fishing Lodge

Larry and Marlene Loney have been enjoying their unique lifestyle since 1989. They live at the lodge year round and invite you to share their unique perspective on life.

Larry is exactly what you would expect from a man living in the wilderness. Marlene at first introduction seems normal. Of course, nothing is as it first appears. Larry doesn’t fish and Marlene does.

Larry builds, fixes, repairs and ensures every corner of Caverhill Lodge is beyond your expectation. Boats float, trails are cleared and Larry is famous for his cowboy omelet and mariposa apron. Only real men wear a flowered apron. He will tell you tall tales and laugh easily at your jokes.

Marlene will spoil you with fine dining that comes from a European cooking tradition and is enlivened with a curiosity for foreign lands. She will trade recipes for your travel stories.

When she is not the active chef Marlene can be tempted to sneak away for a day of fishing and totally understands the compelling need for making one last cast. She understands the hardship of deciding between a fine dining experience and a dynamic trout sipping at your fly as the sun sets on glassy water. Fortunately, her heart is soft so if you miss dinner you will find a plate of food warming in the oven.

Together Larry and Marlene are often referred to as “those freaky fountain of youth people.” Perhaps it is the life style, the fresh air, the great memories and laughter shared around the dinner table, or maybe it is just the magic of Caverhill.

They invite you to pause, reflect and enjoy life with a special trip to Caverhill Lodge.

It made it really hard to come back to work in Seattle!
Chris Kelling
Many thanks again for making my first fishing trip a great one and sharing your part of “heaven” on earth with us.
Nancy and Jim
We also appreciated the generous hospitality that you two show your guests, and especially the gourmet meals.
Mike Koenigsberger