Fly Fishing Lodge

At 4,600 feet, winters are long and the season for fish to feed is short. The season starts June 10th and continues to mid-September. Fish feed throughout the summer as the water temperature does not change significantly.

Ice is usually off the lakes by mid May. By June 10th the lakes have turned over and the fish are feeding voraciously on the emerging insects. The weather is often cool with dazzling sunny breaks that bring out the insects and surface feeding fish. Daylight hours are until 10:00pm.

By July the temperatures are warmer and the larger insects are emerging. Surface feeding continues but on bright days fish feed below the surface on dragonfly and damselfly nymphs. In early August the fish are generally feeding below the surface until evening.

Beautiful, sunny days and cool nights are characteristic of mid August to early September. The fish have had a season to grow and are in peak fighting form. Flying ants provide exciting surface feeding. By the middle of the August most of the flying insects are gone and water temperatures cool. The beginning of a long winter is imminent.The season draws to a close in mid-September with a final frenzy of feeding and an occasional dusting of snow. Of course at an elevation of 4600′ weather is unpredictable. During your stay you may have all of the above types of weather.

Come to Caverhill Lodge and enjoy your next fly fishing vacation!

The fishing was also fantastic. Rainbow trout galore. A 14″ trout on my second cast.
There are row-boats and small motor-boats at the lakes to shuttle between stretches of trail, or to explore the lakes.
Jim R.
The trout weren’t big, but they were big enough to be fun!
Skip and Carol Anne Morris