Lodge Cuisine

Caverhill prides itself on offering the best possible fine dining experience. Marlene is the executive chef and has an extensive and eclectic collection of recipes.

Raised by an Austrian mother who cooked in France and England and a father who is a Swedish trained pastry chef, for Marlene, good food comes naturally.

The weekly grocery run involves stops at three different farms for fresh produce, farm meats and local eggs. Marlene firmly believes top quality food comes from top quality ingredients.

Sample Menu

  • Asian inspired soup with prawns, lime & cilantro
  • Fresh arugula and spinach salad topped with shaved strawberries, sweet onion and creamy Macedonian Feta with a dark balsamic dressing
  • Camembert cheese wrapped in delicate filo pastry served with a cranberry, blueberry & raspberry coulis
  • Classic beef bourguignonne with wild mushrooms, ginger glazed braised carrots and garlic parsley potatoes
  • Spiced pork tenderloin with a mango cranberry chutney and ginger dipping sauce served with fragrant jasmine rice and snow peas sauted in toasted sesame oil
  • Delicate lemon mousse
  • French apple torte with warm creme anglaise
Thanks for the great meals also. I kept saying to myself “I haven’t been so stuffed, so consistently day after day, since I was 10 or 12 years old.”
Chris Kelling
You certainly will not go hungry. Marlene & Larry’s gourmet meals are right up there with 5-Star restaurants.
The food was elegant, and fully as delicious as it looked.
Skip and Carol Ann Morris