Fly Fishing Books

The following books are suggested reading and are available online:

Fly Fishing Strategies for Stillwater by Brian Chan
(copies at the Lodge)

Fly Patterns for Stillwater by Philip Rowley

The Gilly by Alf Davy (

Kamloops, An Anglers Study of the Kamloops Trout by Steve Raymond

Fly Fishing British Columbia, Master Series Book I, Edited by Karl Bruhn

Web Sites

Fly Fishing Shops

Little Fort Fly Shop

Located in Little Fort just 15 minutes past our turn off from Highway 5. Turn left at the junction on to Hwy 24. You can’t miss it. Seasonal only. Well stocked with quality flies. | Tel: (250) 677-4366

Fishing Licenses

Fishing Licenses may be purchased at the lodge. An eight day license for a foreign guest is $52.50 CDN Funds. Licenses may also be purchased on the internet at The process is quite straight forward.
You can catch fish on a either a spinning lure or a dry or wet fly. Don’t worry, you’ll catch fish on anything you use.
…this was the first time I experienced fishing in this part of Canada. And what fishing!!! Your Kamloops trout are fantastic.
Mike Koenigsberger
On the best days, we caught scads of handsome Kamloops rainbows.
Skip and Carol Anne Morris