Fishing Cabins & Amenities

Caverhill Lodge provides everything you need to have a wonderful fly fishing vacation in British Columbia including the warmth of a genuine experience.

The fishing cabins are surrounded by nature at its best. The forest trails are well marked and lined with wild flowers and mushrooms. Giant boulders and mossy glades sheltered by towering trees create a path to the lake chosen for the day. Trails meander up to the top of a rocky bluff for a view of the lake below, the perfect spot for lunch and a nap.

The lakes vary in size from three miles long to just 20 acres. It is in small lakes that the Kamloops Rainbow trout thrives. Depths vary from 20 feet to 60 feet deep. The water is tannic from the pine needles and is a warm tea colour. The boats found on each lake are comfortable to row. 3.3 HP Motor boats are available on the three larger lakes. Guests often have a favorite lake, chosen for the fishing or just for the feeling the lake evokes.

Caverhill Lake is fun to explore and offers some pretty good fishing. Three kayaks and a canoe are available for your use as well as the motor boats. Should the weather warm up, a refreshing dip in Caverhill will set your heart racing.

Caverhill Fly Fishing Lodge is equipped with an ice house for storing ice to keep your beer chilled. A traditional wood heated sauna scented with eucalyptus is available to warm cold bones and stiff muscles. A horse shoe throwing pit is available for some old fashioned fun.

And don’t forget the hammock because that is what it is all about.

This place was so AWESOME, I think we are going again next year!!!
My wife never fished and she loved the pampering, the hikes, the kayaking on the lake, the sound of the loons and the peace and beauty of this unique place.
Our cabin had a king bed with a wood stove, toilet and sink, and a perfect view of the lake. Rustic and classic.