Marlene Loney

For the fly fishing adventure of a lifetime, you owe it to yourself to experience the unique wilderness luxury of a British Columbia fly fishing lodge vacation. Whether you are looking for world-class saltwater salmon fishing or incredible fly-fishing on crystal-clear mountain streams and pristine, wilderness lakes, British Columbia can offer an amazing variety of top level fishing adventures. In addition, unlike the fishing trips of by-gone days, British Columbia fishing lodges provide luxurious comfort and fine dining in the heart of one of the world’s most spectacular wilderness settings.

The Canadian province of British Columbia, or B.C. as it is called locally, possesses one of the largest and most varied areas of pristine wilderness in the world. More than twice the size of California, it is populated by only 4.3 million people, leaving a lot of spare room for wilderness and fish! Some of the best fishing in the world is located within its boundaries. The lush, mountainous coastline is blessed with great saltwater fishing for salmon, not to mention the less glamorous, but tasty species such as halibut and cod. Inland, literally thousands of un-spoilt rivers and streams offer some of the most exciting and rewarding fishing anywhere in the world. Such species as sturgeon, steelhead, trout and char abound. The countless lakes and ponds in British Columbia are a fly fisherman’s nirvana, home to such legendary fighting fish as Rainbow Trout, Brook Trout, Dolly Varden, Lake Char and Bass.

British Columbia does offer the angler some of the finest and most varied fishing anywhere, but it is also one of the most spectacularly scenic locations on earth. You can fish for salmon in a one of the hundreds of lush, green wilderness fiords of the coast, with the towering mountains plunging almost vertically into the sea. Your only companions may be eagles circling high above, a bear watching silently from the trees, or a sea otter playfully investigating your boat. Perhaps you prefer fly fishing thigh-deep in a crystalline, glacier-fed river, with the snow-frosted peaks of the Canadian Rockies in the background. Or thrilling to the adrenaline rush of a wild Kamloops Rainbow Trout rising to your fly and shattering the quiet solitude of a pristine mountain lake. In B.C. it is so easy to escape the exhausting grind of everyday life and surround yourself with the calming, rejuvenating beauty of nature.

Basing your fishing vacation at one of the many luxurious British Columbia fly fishing lodges is the best way to fully enjoy a unique wilderness fishing experience. In times past, this sort of wilderness lodge adventure was only accessible after a lengthy and grueling journey on horseback or on foot, but nowadays it is only an easy flight or boat ride away. Luxury in the heart of the wilderness is the seemingly contradictory achievement of the typical British Columbia fly fishing lodge. Cozy, comfortable accommodations, luxurious amenities, excellent service and fine dining are the norm, not the exception. In addition, fishing lodges universally provide invaluable local knowledge and advice, good companionship, and, at the end of the day, a chance to expand your repertoire of fishing stories. On a British Columbia fly fishing lodge vacation, you can fish to your heart’s content and relax in luxurious comfort in a gorgeous and pristine natural setting.

Treat yourself to the angling vacation of a lifetime at one of British Columbia’s many fine fishing lodges. Enjoy world-class fishing, natural wilderness beauty, friendly and welcoming service, luxurious accommodations and fine dining. What better way to rejuvenate your body and your soul?